Can lazer hair removal work on my balls?

Prisoner of Love asked:

Or will it be too painful?

painful hair removal

20 Responses to “ Can lazer hair removal work on my balls? ”

  1. I+don%27t+know+if+that+would+be+comfortable.

  2. You+will+need+a+very+small+laser.

  3. Try and then let me know how it went!

  4. I+don%27t+think+a+doctor+would+want+to+take+the+time+to+lazer+hairs+off+your+balls.%0AIt+would+be+painful%2C+and+weird.

  5. yes+lazer+those+testes.

  6. u+have+balls%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F

  7. Laser+hair+removal+is+painful+anyways.++Manscape+guy.++Electric+razor+ftw.

  8. it+would+be+very+painful

  9. I don’t think its useful on microscopic objects.

  10. you’re gonna chop them dude…is that what you want?

    try gilette or something that will not damage your manhood…

  11. Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t have the balls!haha!

  12. no dude! nair hair remover for men…just rub the cream on your balls…leave it for a couple minutes and then wipe it off and the hair comes off easily painlessly

  13. Look man, you gotta be cool on this one. Have a picture etched in down there so she has something to look at.

  14. Are you ***? Real men who are not pro athletes don’t shave it unless requested by their wife/girlfriend and I don’t believe that you have that problem. And there is only so much lasers can do, you need help in more than one way.

  15. painful hair removal

    that is the funniest thing i have ever heard

  16. GREATEST QUESTION EVER. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Seriously I don’t know but this is a great question.

  17. painful hair removal

    … Probably too painful. Consult a medical expert beforehand, please.


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