Tips on Painless Pubic Hair Removal

Someone asked us on what’s best for Pubic Hair Removal. Here it goes:

“This may be a silly question but my fiance likes me to remove all the hair on my genital area, I read somewhere that shaving causes a lot of irritation in the skin, and this really bothers me. I would like to know some kind of home waxing kit or some kind of cream to use. I need to find some kind hair removal other than shaving that lasts longer and won’t cause my skin to irritate. If anyone has any experience with these products or method or has any suggestion for removing pubic hair, can you please let me know? Even technique for shaving will help a lot. I really need to know these so that I can see if I can follow the steps. Thanks!”


Here is what we could say about the issue:

Hello Michelle! Statistics showed that genital or public hair removal is now being recognized and practiced by both sexes. There are beauty clinics that specialize in this and can offer even custom hair designs if you want. This process needs more attention and focus than removing hair from any parts of your body. The skin around this area for your information is delicate and very soft and is sensitive. If you will apply improper methods, it can cause skin problems and irritation. The likes of ingrown hair, blood spots and red sore skin are some of the skin problem that you may encounter.

With this process, you should know that you only have limited options. There are common practices that are known like depilatory creams, laser and sugaring but they are not that often practiced for this area. It could cause problem or skin irritation. There are other methods that are more effective like shaving and waxing or even pulling and electrolysis. These practices can be carried at home or salons. I’m not an expert here but if you will ask me, consultation is important to avoid any problems.

Shaving with the use of traditional or electrical razor is what most people are practicing and this is the most common method for public hair removal. If you are following this procedure then you must always use safe razors that are designed for this method. It may be expensive but you can rest assured that it can provide safety. I suggest that you don’t shave the same are more than two times and try to avoid shaving cream. The problem with shaving is that, you need to do the method every other day. Repeated process of shaving can cause darkening of the skin.

Waxing is not considered a good option to remove your pubic hair. This can cause pain and can damage the skin. However, it can produce more lasting results than shaving. Waxing cannot be done in emergency situations such as the skin usually remains red and sore until 1 day after waxing. There is also growing Brazilian bikini that offers total pubic hair removal, but it’s painful and less effective.


Veet Review

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Summertime is the season for visiting swimming pools and beaches and this often implies searching for an affordable, easy and effective hair removal solution so that these outings can be enjoyed to the fullest without being embarrassing. The positive aspect about using Veet is that it is not limited to any particular age-group so the user can be any lady, young, middle-aged or old who can apply it to any part of her body which she feels is infested with unwanted, unsightly and unappealing hair.

Veet Perfect For BikiniVeet Product ReviewWomen who detest subjecting their skin to the sharpness of the razor or who do not have the financial capability to undergo complicated and lengthy hair removal therapies, Veet presents a good bargain as the outcome would be soft and smooth skin in return for a few dollars.

While most of the hair removal products are associated with women, this is probably the only exception which can be used by men as well. It is just a matter of minutes after the application of this cream in the desired parts of body that the effects are not just visible but long lasting as well. Added to the convenience is the ease of acquiring this product either online or otherwise and it surpasses other creams in the market by a wide margin.

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Panasonic Skin Protector System Epilator
How Panasonic Skin Protector Epilator System WorkThe simple yet unique Panasonic skin protector system epilator functions by locking down on the skin and pulling out even the finest hair from its root courtesy of its 32 tweezer discs. Some of the other joys of using this device are its ability to glide effortlessly from one side to the other thus providing a clean job and the option of using it either with a cord attachment or the rechargeable battery.

Being one of the contemporary epilators, this device functions like an all-in-one system and does not require any additional attachments for the same as well. Having grasped its method of functioning, the outcome is that the user will be free of hair even in the most delicate places for up to 4 to 6 weeks. Its gentle but smooth and painless action entails holding down the skin so that even the shortest of hairs stand straight and are removed without causing any irritation.

Provision of dual speeds and optional attachments like shaver head and bikini trimmer are added advantages which make this product gain an edge over its competitors. To ensure that the skin remains smooth and soft between sessions, there is a quick adjust dial and the over all experience is definitely pleasant and lasting.

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Smooth Away Review

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Smooth Away claims to be the answer to the hair removing problems as it is a hair remover pad which causes a thorough exfoliation of skin while being painless at the same time. Obviously it’s important to check out some actual Smooth Away reviews before trying this product.

Smooth Away Review
Smooth Away Crystal PadThe function of removing unwanted facial and body hair is performed by superfine crystals when the pad is applied on the skin in gentle circular clockwise and anti clockwise motions and the result is smooth and healthy skin which is not only free from hair but also dead skin cells.

Smooth Away’s slogan of leaving skin “smooth and incredibly smooth” has indeed turned out to be genuine as also has its promise of “no nicks and cuts”. Apart from being clean and painless, an added advantage is its economic aspect which arises from the fact that it does not require any creams or chemical agents while being used.

Usage of abrasive materials in the past has never been free from criticism due to its harshness on skin but Smooth Away is an exception because after being used the skin has been bereft of redness and irritation. There are exceptions, of course, but proper application has been known to provide positive results. Thus, it is one beauty product which is definitely worth a try at least once. Find out more about Smooth Away with these Smooth Away Reviews today.

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